Maybe you need help developing your revenue model while you focus on crucial product development to meet a deadline. Perhaps you need a fresh mindset to critique your investor pitch. Or, maybe there's a special project or market you want to explore -- discreetly. 

Here are just a few examples to jump start your thinking about ways Robin Bear Consulting can help: 


Startup Launch & milestone monitoring

The founder -- already a successful entrepreneur -- needed immediate assistance in launching his next business venture.  Provided with his broad concept and vision, Robin Bear Consulting created a short-term strategic plan and led the development process to meet those deadlines. Within six months, the new company enjoyed the debut of its first path to revenue in a highly regulated industry, a unique corporate identity and the operating framework for cultivating relationships with its future customers. 

Key markers: speed to launch, regulated market, serial entrepreneur

Supporting an Exit

An exit strategy advisor needed to guide a client in a highly dynamic and competitive technical market.  Brought in as a subject matter specialist, Robin Bear Consulting provided strategic analysis of the market trends and competitive landscape, including developments in new technologies. RBC profiled potential buyers and investors and articulated the most valuable attributes of the client. Creative positioning and targeted messaging enhanced all investor/buyer materials and communications. 

Key markers: positioning for an exit, target identification, specialized services to advisors      

Marketing Strategy

A multi-generation family-owned manufacturer faced declining margins from significant price competition. During this engagement, we analyzed past performance and uncovered operational knowledge -- highly valued by the customers --  going unsold.  We recommended a shift in thinking to broaden the sales scope to include services in addition to products and helped ensure the continued growth and longevity of this company.  

Key markers: competitive strategy, family business, creative thinking


Your needs and objectives determine the scope of the project. Contact us to discuss your situation.